14 Days of Love Presentation 2012
26th March 2012
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Local Businesses are ‘The Best!’

Many local businesses were brought together on 14th March to celebrate their success in the recent 14 Days of Love national campaign run locally by The Best of Guernsey.


The presentation was held at the new premises for Guernsey’s Most Loved Business – Bonboniera in Collings Road and was attended by business members of The Best of Guernsey who had placed locally and nationally in the campaign held from 1st – 14th February.


Over 1800 new testimonials were posted on The Best of Guernsey website during the two weeks to say why they BUY LOCAL and to support their favourite local businessess.  Local businesses are at the heart of our community in Guernsey and are passionate about providing a wide choice of products and services to islanders; this campaign demonstrated just how much they are valued by their customers.

Bonboniera received the top awards for the most testimonials and was voted ‘Most Loved Business in Guernsey’ and ‘Most Loved Balloon Specialist in the British Isles’.  Owner Sue Garau was delighted;


“The Bonboniera Balloon Team were ecstatic when we found out we’d won.  Reading the testimonials from our wonderful customers was the best thing ever and has actually helped with structuring our business plan. So a massive thanks to everyone who filled in one of our testimonial cards.  Our Customers are the BEST!” 

Sue also supports The Best of Guernsey’s Buy Local initiative; 

“There are so many great small businesses in Guernsey, without having to buy online.  Too many local providers have gone out of business because local people don't ‘Buy Local’.  It’s normally cheaper, easier and of course you have face to face customer service available here.” 

The support shown to local business was also reflected in that a record number of companies came first or placed in their categories nationally and four Guernsey businesses also placed in the top 100 of ALL businesses nationally. 

For Guernsey companies to perform so well in a campaign run throughout the British Isles is an outstanding achievement and a real testament to the commitment business owners have to give great customer service.

Thirty local businesses were presented with certificates at The Best of Guernsey awards celebration for placing locally or nationally during the campaign and nine were presented with glass trophies for placing first in their category in the British Isles.


Guernsey’s best businesses ranked 1st in the British Isles by their Customers:

Bluchip – Most Loved Car Dealer
Body & Sole – Most Loved Lingerie Shop 
Bonboniera – Most Loved Balloon Specialist
Bonsai Group – Most Loved Wooden Flooring Specialist
Island Adventures – Most Loved Days Out and Attractions 
Pavillion Interiors - Most Loved Interior Design 
Sarnia Mutual – Most Loved Finance Brokers & Loans 
Things To Do Guernsey – Most Loved Event Organiser
Vision Networks – Most Loved CCTV Specialist

For the full 2012 campaign results, go to the 14 Days of Love Results Blog.


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Picture below courtesy of Mike Brehaut, Creative Photography of some of the 14 Days of Love winners.

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