12th September 2011
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Guernsey Art Commission's newest exhibition, '10 OF THE BEST' has now opened at The Greenhouse and The Best of Guernsey were invited along to view this stunning collection of art.

The exhibition features the work of 10 local students from their final year school shows and spans artistic mediums including illustration, fashion, painting, photography and video.


Max Betley - Looking Forward & Looking Back
(Elizabeth College - AS Level Art & Design)

Jack De La Mare - SIX (film trailer)
Guernsey Grammar School - A2 Level Photography)

Robert Hunter - Charlie and the Pirates
(Guernsey College of Further Education - BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design)

Jack Lee - Schooled
(Guernsey Grammar School - AS Level Photography)

Zak Mauger - Untitled
(Guernsey Grammar School - A2 Level Photography)

Rachel Patch - Lotus Binding & Lotus Armour
Guernsey College of Further Education - BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design)

Ella Snell - Mum & Dad
(Ladies' College - Cambridge Pre-U Fine Art)

Lewis Torode - Untitled
(Guernsey Grammar School - AS Level Photography)

Luke Webb - Shirts
(Guernsey College of Further Education - BTEC National Diploma in Creative Media Production)

Holly Webster - One Would End Up With Wings
(Guernsey College of Further Education - BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design)


The 10 students' works were chosen by Justiene Boughey - GAC's Arts Development Assistant, who is a graduate in Art and Visual Culture from Bristol UWE.  The aim of the showcase is to give some of Guernsey's budding young artists a chance to be involved with an exhibition outside of the school environment for the first time - an opportunity that Justiene felt she never had whilst at school.

"I never had this sort of opportunity to exhibit work in a professional way.  We hope it will be an annual exhibition as we want to create something that younger students can aspire to, so their hard work can be recognised".

"I picked the final 10 not just on their final pieces but also took their supporting material and sketchbooks into consideration to ensure their work was consistently of a high level, showed their development and an understanding of the medium they were using".


Rachel Patch was pleasantly surprised to be picked and felt it was an honour due to the standard of work being so high.  

"I am really pleased with my final pieces.  My art tutor Mark Cook loves them and said I had completely nailed it".

Rachel's sculptural pieces 'Lotus Binding' and 'Lotus Armour' were inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, particularly Hades and the underworld, Una Burke - sculptural fashion designer, Katarzyna Konieczka - costume designer, Martin Margiela - fashion designer and jewellery as modern day armour for women.  

'Lotus Armour' is made up of 496 large split rings and was worn by Rachel at her Final Year Show.  

Rachel is now looking forward to obtaining full time employment here on the island and hopes to continue to use her artistic talents.

Both pieces are for sale so if anyone is interested contact Rachel on rachelpatch@live.com.


Robert Hunter also feels honoured to have his artwork picked and hopes that this exhibition becomes an annual event;

"The fact that I am one of the 10 narrowed down from so many local students is a real privilege.  The exhibition is a great opportunity for many students to get their name out and begin their careers in art both locally and away".

Robert was commissioned by Debbie Parrot to illustrate her book 'Charlie and the Pirates' with the aim of eventually getting it published;

"Currently the book is not available to purchase, but it doesn't mean that it never will, anything can happen". 

Robert is leaving the island in a few weeks to study a BA (Hons) in Art & Visual Design at Bath Spa University and is very excited about this next step in his artistic career.  After University he hopes to continue with the arts but in the form of song writing at Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

Robert's other work can be viewed here.



Rachel Patch's Lotus Armour and Lotus Binding (bottom left)

Robert Hunter's Charlie and the Pirates (bottom right)

These images were taken by Emma Boughey

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