To brow or not to brow - that is the question
3rd October 2014
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Natural products

Applying coconut or olive oil can work well for your eyebrows. Try it every night before you go to bed for a week or two and see if it works for you. Apply this evenly on your eyebrows and massage it for a while. Keep this on for the whole night. The oil should make your eyebrows healthier and in some cases, you may notice that they have become fuller.

Choose the right colour shade

When you fill your eyebrows with a colour shade or a pencil, always choose a colour that is the closest match to your natural brow colour. If you can’t find the exact colour, go for a shade lighter, this will make your brows look more natural.

Fill them with a pencil

If you have very thin brows, it is always best to fill them in with a brow shadow for a soft and natural look. Use an angled shadow brush or a pencil colour and apply it on your eye brows. Try and keep to your natural hairline if possible.

Don't use tweezers too often

Tweezing your eyebrows more often will make them thin and damaged. If you have unwanted eyebrow growth and wish to tone them down, then an eyebrow wax is by far the best solution.

For a professional eyebrow wax, tint or shape, contact Therapy by Sam Baggott on 01452 539751 or 07788 425634

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