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Here's some more great tips from JSF Driving School on motorway driving....look out for part 2, coming soon.
Here's some more handy motorway driving tips sent to us from JSF Driving School.
Some top tips for driving in the snow. Sent in by Sharn from JSF Driving School, who, by the way are offering snow driving lessons in your own vehicle or in their dual controlled car. Contact details for JSF are at the bottom of the article.
Basic Winter Car Maintenance
Basic Winter Car Maintenance
JSF Driving School has put together some useful top tips to keep you and your car safe on the road during the colder months, and save money on your garage bills in the longer term!
Think you can whip up a food frenzy and host a dinner party like no other?
When important domestic appliances breakdown it is helpful to have someone to call on to put them right quickly and efficiently or to advise on whether they should be replaced, after all, safety is vital.
A great deal depends on the size of the main bathroom, and whether there is room for expansion. However, with some professional planning there are many ways to make major improvements providing you have an affordable budget in place. Planning needs to include utility supplies, electrical supply, bathroom fittings and equipment needed to furnish this very important part of your living space. Professional help from Bikini Bathrooms is highly recommended.
Anticipation is building among the thousands of delegates from a vast array of organisations and companies who are heading to the 2017 Gloucestershire Business Show.
A boiler is one of the most important parts of your home and its repair once broken can cost a lot. The best thing that we can do to make sure that it’ll always be working perfectly, is to have it serviced regularly. This prevents potential massive repairs or worse replacements. There are also other more important benefits that we need to consider and have our boiler serviced regularly.
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