5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Master Bathroom.
6th June 2017
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Ideas that may stimulate your planning:

A Steam room of your own, must surely be the height of luxury, the modern design of today’s steam cabinets provides powerful steam generators and advanced water level control. Many cabinets include features such as a radio, body jets, variable shower heads, foot massagers, mood lighting, extractor fans, and even phone, modem and mp3 connections. Sizes can vary from 950 x 950mm quadrants up to 1450 x 900 enclosures.


Whirlpool Baths, are fitted with a system of jets that send jets of water into the bath to cause a whirlpool and bubble effect, a great attraction to youngster who will just love bath-time. The pump pushes water through the jets which can be of a fixed or variable arrangement the force of the flow through the jets is also variable and is controlled by a dial or digital pad depending on the type of system.


A good quality whirlpool system will have health and safety features the most important being fully draining pipework, which prevents the buildup of bacteria in stagnant water left in the system. In fact, as well as fully draining pipework, Bikini Bathrooms best-selling range of whirlpools also has a special coating on the inside of the pipes which is specifically designed to kill bacteria.


Underfloor Heating in a bathroom is the most cost effective, and cozy, method of warming the room. The installation of Underfloor heating for best results is the electric cable system. A guide to the cost of operating this type of bathroom heating would be c .62 pence per square meters per hour. Because ones exposed bathroom floor area is likely to be relatively small the running costs are likely to be approx., for a 4m2 floor area would c cost 20p for 8 hours.

Shower Cubicles, there are many alternatives with enclosures to fit into the available space, customers are advised to visit the showrooms and discuss their preferences with the experts.

Tiles, Wall Panels & Wall Cladding

Whilst Up Grading your bathroom space give plenty of thought to toles, and other forms of wall covering for this space. Tiling can make or break a bathroom, think carefully, and seek advice about what works and what does not. There are many styles, patterns and sizes to choose from.

It is widely accepted that bathrooms, and kitchens, can sell property, a concept worth bearing in mind when upgrading the bathroom, however, as this is one of the most used parts of one’s home making it habitable and a joy to use does make total good sense.


Bikini Bathrooms are leaders in creating exceptional bathrooms and they are highly recommended by the Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local business and the community together.


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