Six Tips for Healthy Hair!
30th October 2015
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1.If your hair is oily then wash it frequently.  In fact, if your scalp is oily you may need to wash it every day.  As you get older, your scalp will naturally produce less oil so you can cut back, but keep a look out for flakes in your hair.  These can indicate more frequent washing is required and could lead to dandruff or other diseases of the scalp.

2.Shampoo your scalp.  When hair washing you should be concentrating on getting the shampoo to your scalp rather than the entire length of your hair.  If you just wash your hair and ignore your scalp, you can end up with dull “flyaway” hair.

3.Always use a conditioner after every wash, unless using a 2 in 1 shampoo.  Conditioner can greatly improve the look of damaged hair.  It increases its shine and offers protection from harmful UV rays.

4.Concentrate your conditioner on the tips of your hair.  As conditioners have a tendency to make fine hair look a bit limp, just use it on the tips of the hair rather than the scalp or main length.

5.Choose a shampoo and conditioner especially for your hair.  There is an extensive choice of products available these days so make sure you pick the ones formulated for your specific hair type.

6.Take care of your hair when swimming.  The chemicals in swimming pools can cause damage so always use a tight fitting swim cap.

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