Get Stuck In with Severn Signs Stickers!
30th October 2015
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Here are a few ideas for using them:

Stickers for Children
Kids love collecting things and novelty stickers can be an ideal source. The designs can be educational or linked to sports or entertainment. In addition, self-adhesive labels can be used in the classroom to reward good behaviour or work.

Car Bumper Stickers
In some ways, these are adult versions of the children’s novelty stickers. Self-adhesive labels can be an easy way for an individual to make a personal statement to the world at large.

Brand Labels
Many companies utilise self-adhesive labels to display the name or provide information about their products. They are ideal for labelling jars, bottles or boxes.

Warning Labels
You will find most appliances, from your toaster to your printer, have self-adhesive labels warning of the dangers of inappropriate use of the item.

Name Tags
Self-adhesive labels are ideal for identifying people at your office meeting, barbecue or party. They provide a simple way of introducing people to each other.

Severn Signs have been in business since 1990 and are Gloucester’s leading sign makers. They can provide a variety of customised self-adhesive labels for you in a number of different formats, including vinyl, metallic and magnetic.

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