How do you change a tyre?
15th July 2013
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One thing that’s in the news a lot these days is the state of the roads, I mean you only have to look around Aldershot and Farnborough and you will find yourself dodging a mind field of pot holes, each one capable of puncturing a tyre or even worse damaging the rim of your wheel altogether, so we have put together this helpful guide on changing a tyre, just in case you happen to run in to a situation where there is no help at hand and you need to put your spare on.

The first thing you should always do before setting of on any journey is make sure your spare tyre is in good condition and that you have the correct tools to replace a tyre on your car, you’d be surprised how many people travel without a jack or even a spare wheel for that matter.

Here is a list of tools you should always make sure are in your car.

Flathead Screwdriver
Spare Tyre “in good condition”
Socket Spanner
Car Jack
Jack Handle
Reflective Triangle
Reflective Jacket

Now once you have all the correct tools you know you’re always prepared should anything happen, so lets say your travelling along and you suddenly get a blow out and need to pull over, make sure you try your best to bring the car to a halt on level ground, trying to change a tyre on uneven ground is not only hard its extremely dangerous, there is no stability and the vehicle could fall off the jack and injure you in the process.

The first thing you should do before changing the tyre is make sure the car is in gear and the hand break is on, then start to loosen the nut holding the wheel on, not taking them of completely just enough to make it easier once the car is on the jack.
Once you have done this you can place the jack just behind the tyre you’re going to change, there should be a small notch where the jack will fit, if you’re unsure of this please check your owners manual for the correct position, now that you have the jack in place you can start to raise the car up using the jack handle, until it’s sufficiently clear of the ground that the wheel will come of unhindered.

You can now finish of taking of the nuts and remove the wheel completely from the vehicle, getting your spare and fitting it in to position you can begin to tighten the nuts up, once again do not tighten them fully just enough to hold the wheel in place while you lower the car back down. With the car firmly on the ground, tighten those nuts don’t over do them, once you feel it grip a couple of extra notches should do it until you get to a garage and have them check it while they fix your punctured tyre

With everything packed away, please make sure you put everything back correctly and don’t leave anything behind ”yes it does happen” you are ready to continue your journey, making sure to stop as soon as you can to get that tyre fixed.

Your best tyre fitters and repair garage, recommended by local people is Aldershot Tyre and Exhaust. Give them a call to get that tyre fixed and back on your car again.

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