Why Don't People Buy from Your Website?
27th April 2018
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You may have the best products and services in the world  but in order to generate sales, you need to ensure that your customer’s online experience is smooth from start to finish. It may take just a few simple changes to make your website more effective…

Common website mistakes:

Complicated site navigation

Navigation plays a crucial role in your visitor’s experience. If a site is difficult to use, unintuitive, too clumsy or cluttered, you risk site abandonment. 

Unattractive layout

“Don't judge a book by its cover” doesn't apply to ecommerce. Your design must be clean, compact and appealing.

Limited product information

Detailed product descriptions will help customers make informed decisions about whether to buy.

Ineffective shopping carts

Abandonment at the checkout could happen because

  • Registration is not straight forward
  • Too many steps in the checkout process
  • Missing summary of purchases
  • Limited payment options
  • Lacks of security guarantee – do customers feel that their personal information is safe?

The internet has changed the way that we all do business and having a well designed website is now an essential marketing tool for every company.

Whether you are looking for a new website that showcases your products and services, a full e-commerce solution or just a revamp of your current site Kall Kwik Farnham  can help. All their websites are mobile friendly and they offer website training if you wish to make your own updates.

Markets are crowded and highly competitive, you need to do everything possible to attract the attention of would-be customers, so view the Kall Kwik Farnham Web Brochure .  

For websites that mean business call Kall Kwik Farnham on 01252 710927.


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