Tips for sewing with PVC from Freelance Soft Furnishings Farnham
1st July 2016
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Why We Love PVC!
You may have chuckled at the recent TV episode of ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’, when contestants struggled with PVC creations from the 60’s. We laughed a lot too, but Freelance Soft Furnishings just love PVC fabric! 

PVC – Practical, Versatile and Cheap
We promise there really is more to PVC than just tablecloths. Of course it’s perfect for protecting surfaces indoors and out, but there is no end to its functional and decorative uses.
Waterproof, wipe clean, affordable and as colourful as you like, upholstering garden furniture with PVC will brighten up any outdoor area. Who needs Cath Kidston when you can design your own unique vinyl bag or purse? Aprons, peg bags, wash bags, pencil cases…the list is endless.

Tips for sewing with PVC fabric

Yes it is slippery stuff and may be a little different to what you are used to working with but with a few know-hows you will find it fun:

Presser Foot: Use a walking, teflon or roller foot to help feed the fabric through easier.
Needle: Needles suitable for heavy duty fabrics such as denim or leather are perfect.
Stitch Length: Anything less than a 3.0mm stitch length may cause the seam to perforate and compromises the strength of the seam.
Pressing: Ironing PVC is not a good idea, it will melt!  Try leaving it somewhere warm to soften creases or add weight, like a heavy textbook, to flatten out.
No Pins: Pins will cause permanent holes – try paper clips.

So if you're thinking of getting creative with PVC, CLICK HERE to enjoy 20% OFF any PVC fabric from Freelance Soft Furnishing during July. Pop in and check out our wide range of prints and designs.

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