The Wonder of Day Hospice
17th August 2015
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Entitled ‘How to Paint a Life in Words’, the sessions allowed budding writers to capture treasured moments of their lives through poetry and prose. It was just one of a number of activities which the charity provides for its patients, many of whom find them an invaluable way to express their emotions as they work through their illness.

Following on from these sessions, one of Phyllis Tuckwell’s patients – Jo Wilcox – has written a first-hand account of what it is like to attend the charity’s Day Hospice, and how both the Creative Writing and Brush with Art sessions have helped her.

“Day Hospice is a marvellous opportunity to meet with others who are ill - we have no qualms about sharing. We are all in the same boat and very often someone says something that can be very valuable to you, or indeed you may be able to help another patient. We look out onto a beautiful garden and venture into it when the weather allows.  Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea are all provided, before we wend our way home, courtesy of the volunteers who provide transport to get us to and from the Hospice.

The whole atmosphere is one of warmth and sharing, and the staff are all absolutely marvellous! We have access not only to doctors and nurses, but also to therapists, who offer a whole range of holistic remedies - they certainly make you feel like a different person! There is also the chance to talk to a Minister, or perhaps attend Holy Communion during the day.

As well as the therapies on offer, we have access to lots of different and fulfilling activities, from planting flowers and herbs, to quizzes, or maybe a school choir to entertain us. And some of the most enjoyable things on offer at the moment are Brush with Art and Creative Writing. I am sure most people would be surprised at the level of professionalism that many who attend Brush with Art attain. Our Creative Writing sessions allow us to get in touch with our inner poets – recently we greatly enjoyed sharing the memories that our poetic offerings brought to light. And I don't want to pre-empt anyone, but a little fairy told me that the next activity being prepared for us to share is going to be pottery!

Does this mean that if you enter a Hospice you go there to die? No! Does it in fact tell you that Phyllis Tuckwell staff go above and beyond in providing a place of warmth, light and opportunity, to all those suffering from life limiting diseases? Yes, and a thousand times yes! So, for any who are in doubt, I ask you to read this and be ready to enjoy the wonder of Day Hospice, whenever the chance is given to you.”

The activities on offer at Phyllis Tuckwell are all provided to ensure patients, their carers and families, make the most of life…because every day is precious.


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