Spring Lawn Care Tips from Blades Garden Machinery of Farnham
23rd April 2014
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Even if the weather is still a bit changeable, Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about giving your lawn a little TLC. Read on for some fabulous tips from Blades Garden Machinery of Farnham, to create a beautiful lush green cover during the warmer summer months which will compliment the rest of your garden.
What are the secrets of success to a great looking lawn?
Regular and correct mowing
The most important lawn care job is correct and regular mowing. Cut the grass whenever it is growing BUT don't mow it too short - it weakens the grass and is the easiest way to encourage weeds and moss. Try and keep it at the same height all through spring. Usually this should be about 2.5-4cm high but for grass that sustains a lot of wear and tear the height is better raised to 5cm and for very shaded areas, mow at 7.5cm. 
Feeding with fertiliser
Fertilising lawns not only makes the grass greener, thicker and stronger but a strong, healthy and well fed lawn will be less inviting to weeds and moss than one that isn’t fed and looked after. Fertilise lawns when they’re actively growing.
Treating weeds and moss
Weeds can stop you fully enjoying your lawn. Control early-sprouting weeds using a suitable herbicide or an all-in-one treatment.  Alternatively, weed them out by hand remembering to get the whole root out. 
Deal with bare patches
Every year up to a quarter of the grass in the lawn can die, more after a cold, wet winter. Spring is the perfect time to sow new grass seed into the existing lawn 
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