Party Party mmmm we love pizza.
17th November 2009
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Archie is very excited. We have just invested in a new cooker and so now we are offering a fantastic choice of Pizzas and Jacket spuds. The reason he is excited is not only is pizza his all time favourite and he now has lots of different types to work through (including the moon monster with it's delicous hot peppers,) but it means that we are going to start offering pizza parties.

We get asked quite often about hiring the play zone for exclusive use. We have always been keen to do this but it can be complicated when we are very busy, so we've come up with a great plan.

You can now book a private pizza party any weekday evening, from 5.30 and we will provide pizzas from our menu and a birthday cake for you to make the celebration really rock. For only £200 you can have the whole of the launchpad for as many friends as you like. (within our safety limits). You can use the play space and the disco room and have it all to yourselves. Brill.

Why not give us a call on 01252 726110 and book your party now.

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