Net Technical warns local companies need to prepare for the 2020 Problem, NOW
24th January 2019
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Another major technology problem is heading towards organisations in January next year (2020), when some of the most popular Microsoft business software packages reach ‘End of Life.’ This means that they will no longer be supported by Microsoft, and will therefore be unsafe to use.


The software affected includes: Small Business Server 2011; Windows Server 2008; Exchange 2010; Windows 7 and Office 2010.


Each product in the Microsoft software portfolio has a Life Cycle Start Date, a Mainstream Support End Date and an Extended Support End Date, spanning roughly an 8-10 year period. Following the End of Life or End of Extended Support, Microsoft will no longer support, fix or provide security updates and patches for the software. They will abandon it in order to focus their teams on supporting newer software.


Commenting on this, Ben Stupples, Commercial Director at Net Technical Solutions says, “We’re calling this ‘the 2020 Problem’ and hope that all our customers take it very seriously. The issue is that once Microsoft ends the life of this software in just under 12 months’ time, it will become much more vulnerable to hackers.


We already believe that some hackers are storing up vulnerabilities they have found in this software. By waiting until Microsoft stops supporting it, they effectively become unstoppable.”


Not only that, Ben goes on to say, “By having unsupported, out-of-date software, companies will also be open to prosecution under GDPR as they will no longer be compliant, and when problems with the software occur, there is also the possibility of losing productivity due to downtime.”


Ben sees the 2020 Problem as one of the main IT priorities for SMEs to take on board this year and adds: “Our advice to local companies is not to risk using this software past January 2020 and to get expert advice about replacing as soon as possible. It can sometimes take months to plan and implement replacement software, so businesses should start thinking about this now and shouldn’t leave it till the end of the year.”


Net Technical Solutions has written a guide on The 2020 Problem, which explains End of Life in more detail and includes how you can easily check which Microsoft software your company is running. The guide is available for free at


Net Technical Solutions was formed in 1999 and has been based in the centre of Farnham since 2011 where it now looks after hundreds of local businesses in the town and across Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

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