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6th September 2011
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Menopausal tooth loss

New scientific research forecasts that as many as one-in-four post-menopausal women are likely to suffer from tooth loss over a five-year period. The study, which involved more than 1,000 post-menopausal women, indicates that the risk of losing a tooth increases from 25% to nearly 90% if other risk factors are present, especially for diabetics or smokers.

The study, which took place in America supports the findings of previous studies, which have potentially linked the menopause to tooth loss because of the increased incidence of bone loss and oestrogen deficiency.

Anyone concerned by this research, or already suffering from the embarrassment of missing teeth should ensure that they maintain regular contact with their dentist and ask about all of the options for tooth replacement.

Dental implants, a procedure which places a titanium implant directly into the jaw, as an 'anchor' for a porcelain crown, can provide the perfect solution to the loss of one or more teeth. Unlike bridges and partial dentures, which caused damage to adjacent teeth, dental implants actually encourage the retention of healthy bone and can support existing teeth.

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