Is your Farnham home protected while you are on holiday?
25th July 2016
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In the excitement of leaving for a holiday, overlooking home security is something that’s easily done. Nasty surprises such as a burgled house, definitely has the potential to ruin a relaxing break. For peace of mind, plan your home security BEFORE you go away and start preparing now.

Before you go remember...

  • The best burglary deterrent is to make your home looks occupied. Don’t close your curtains in the daytime, ask a trusted friend to close them for you when it gets dark. Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights on and don’t forget bedrooms.
  • Neighbours are invaluable! Leave your contact address and phone number with a person you trust. Ask them to put mail out of sight of prying eyes so that a build up of post can not be seen through the letterbox. Advise key holders not to put your surname, address or even your house number on keys, just in case they fall into the wrong hands.
  • Cancel any deliveries.
  • Avoid discussing holiday plans in front of strangers.
  • Cut the lawn and trim back any plants and bushes that burglars could hide behind.
  • Consider leaving important documents and valuable items with other family members or a bank.
  • 30% of all burglaries start with an unsecure window as an entry point. If need be, fit window locks. Ensure garage doors, side gates and sheds have adequate locking systems too. If you normally leave valuable bicycles or similar items in your shed, consider putting them in the house.
  • Write a checklist. Then just before you leave you can tick off that all outside doors and windows are locked and that you have remembered to set the burglar alarm.

Farnham’s KBO Fire & Security specialise in home security systems and can advise you on the best options to protect your home and family. For further information about burglar and fire alarm systems, CCTV, intercoms, access control systems, safes and locks call KBO on 01252 763046.

Have a great holiday!

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