How to successfully look after your teeth in 2020
4th January 2020
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Five simple steps to look after your teeth this year.

  1. See your dentist and hygienist for regular check ups. As well as taking a preventive approach to dental care, your dentist will also check for mouth cancer. Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic is a private practice in Farnham offering an extensive range of treatments and a premium level of care. 
  2. Brush your teeth well. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day for a minimum of two minutes with toothpaste containing at least 1450ppm fluoride, as this helps protect teeth from cavities. 
  3. Cut back on sugar. Reducing sugary food and drinks from your diet can considerably cut your risk for tooth decay. We recommend keeping any sweet treats to meal times only, to avoid constant snacking, and to brush your teeth well afterwards.
  4. Stop smoking. Smoking doubles the risk of gum disease as well as being linked to many other health issues. Get help to quit if needed!
  5. Eat healthily. When you cut back on sugar, resolve to eat healthily for your teeth and general well-being. Dairy products high in calcium are great for your teeth, and fibrous foods increase your saliva and help scrub away plaque from your teeth.

Whatever your resolution is this year, make sure you commit to it!

Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, situated at 6 Station Hill, Farnham, is committed to providing the very best oral hygiene and health, to clients in and around Farnham.  Find out more about their full range of treatments HERE. Convenient Saturday appointments available.

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