How to keep your teeth healthy over the holidays from your local Farnham dentist
2nd August 2019
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Have you ever had a dental problem while you have been away from home? It can be very stressful and not to mention painful, so follow these tips from Elmsleigh House dental Clinic and reduce the risk of damaging your teeth during the holidays.

Five top tips on how to look after your holiday teeth!

  1. Have a check-up before check-in! Make sure you maintain regular check-ups with your dentist and hygienist, as often as they recommend and don't ignore any problems before going away. A routine check up or deep clean will keep your smile healthy over the summer, and prompt treatment for any problems before you go away.
  2. Be prepared. Don't forget your toothbrush and dental floss or interdental brushes to remove sticky plaque from in between your teeth. Keep a routine - the holidays can upset your schedule, but you should still brush at least two times a day.
  3. Limit your snacking.  Chances are that you will eat more during the holidays and have plenty of opportunity to snack throughout the day. While everything is fine in moderation, it helps to eat sweets and other sugary foods and drinks with meals or shortly after mealtime, reducing the amount of sugar your teeth are exposed to throughout the day. Keep hydrated with water as fizzy drinks can be very damaging to teeth enamel, even the sugar-free versions! 
  4. Teeth are not tools! Teeth were never designed to open bottles, packets of crisps or nuts! Recent research by the Oral Health Foundation and Philips found that two-thirds of us frequently use our teeth for tasks other than eating and drinking! Common misuse for teeth include cutting clear tape (41%), biting our nails (26%), using our teeth to hold things (22%) and cutting tags off new (holiday!) clothing (20%). Use scissors instead!
  5. Be sun safe! Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D, which plays a key role in a healthier immune system. It also gives your oral health a boost by helping to prevent gum disease. However, to be sun safe you should always wear sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 and at least 4-star UVA protection and avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Schedule your pre-holiday cleaning and check-up now to avoid traumas when you’re really want to just relax, enjoy yourself and make the most of the holiday period. Call Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, Farnham on 01252 713797 or click here to request a callback online.

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