How to create a more romantic bedroom in time for Valentines
5th February 2018
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We promise you won’t need grand, opulent changes to create a romantic setting, just take a look at our ideas below.

How to create a more romantic bedroom and set the mood

Put away clutter We’ve all got them – piles of paperwork, dirty laundry or a toppling ironing pile, children's beloved artwork and generally things you haven’t decided where to place yet.
Yes we know it takes time but by simply finding homes for theses stray belongings the constant reminders of looming projects will be removed and you will automatically feel more relaxed.

Put special memories on display Frame and exhibit photos from your wedding and honeymoon, or from other special times together. Sometimes we all need a little reminder of why we are together!

Make it smell good Linen spray is a quick and easy way to keep fabrics smelling fresh, and the soothing fragrances can be calming.
Create a romantic ambiance with soft lighting and subtle fragrances from candlelight.

Ban technology  Before you know it, your time together can slip away through the world of media. However, there is definitely something in music that can make or break the mood in a room!

Add texture Fabrics can be incredibly seductive. Accessorise with satin cushions and velvet throws, add flowing draperies or sheer curtains for a romantic fairy-tale feel and sumptuous deep-pile carpeting or sheepskin rugs for underfoot heaven.  

Crisp, clean bedding There’s nothing like the feel of climbing into a freshly made bed whether it’s alone or with company!  
So whether you’ve gone for comfortable piled high pillows, crisp white airy linen, or dramatic dark throws, the Freelance team would like to wish you a very happy Valentines!  

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