Freelance Soft Furnishings explain the benefits of curtain lining
10th April 2017
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If you’ve never ordered custom made curtains you may not realise that they are almost always lined. Lining may seem unnecessary and an extra expense but it actually offers several benefits.

  • Lining will provide a full, tailored look to your curtains and helps them drape better.
  • The lining will protect your gorgeous fabrics from strong sunlight which causes fading and help prevent draughts. In fact, for even better insulation at the window, thermal lining fabrics are often a perfect option. Heat loss will also be greatly reduced and this could make a real difference to your heating costs.
  • Blackout lining is the perfect choice for a child's bedroom and can be used on blinds and curtains for maximum darkness.
  • Coloured linings can look great too, though be prepared for fading, as the sun will bleach the colour out all too soon.
  • Many fabrics are only partly private, especially at night.  Adding lining can ensure complete privacy from the outside world.

Should you always use lining?
There are a few instances where it's not needed, for example, if your fabric already has a very thick weave or is just too bulky to include extra material. Or, if your windows are small and you don't want the curtains to take up too much room.

Made to measure curtains and blinds
Eliminate expensive and time consuming mistakes and get a complete match to your style and décor with Freelance Soft Furnishings made to measure service. Offering the convenience of a home visit to measure up, supply and fit made to measure curtains, poles and blinds; you can treat your windows to a truly professional finish. Choose from a wide range of window dressings: curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, venetian and vertical blinds, for any type and size of window. 

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