Create unique clothing that fits like a treat with a little help from Farnham’s Freelance Soft Furnishings
8th June 2015
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Would you love to wear clothes that are completely unique?
Bored with trying to find something that fits correctly?
Then why not make your own!
Whether you are an expert stitcher or a complete novice, we guarantee that adorning an outfit which you have created yourself, will fill you with pride. Luckily patterns nowadays are designed with all competence levels in mind and will state if they are easy or more difficult.  
The team at Freelance are often asked for help and advice about how to read the back of a pattern envelope, what’s the best fabric to use, which size to choose and how much fabric to buy? So we have put together some handy tips which will hopefully inspire you with the confidence to get started.  
Understanding a sewing pattern envelope
The front of the envelope is where the company ‘sells’ the design to you  
It will describe the size range available and any design variations. Pattern companies spend a lot of time and effort making their designs look their best, so try to imagine which of the design variations would suit your body shape the most and pay attention to the type of fabric and prints used.
Fabric suggestions
What type of fabric do you need? Some designs will suit one fabric and not another.  If in doubt ask advice before purchasing your material.
What are notions?
This will explain what other bits and pieces you will need. Thread, zipper, buttons, elastic? Don’t forget to co-ordinate them with your fabric.
The pattern size may not correspond to the dress size you usually buy!
Take your personal measurements at bust, waist and hip and compare them to the measurements on the envelope.  If you fall between sizes use your bust size for a dress or blouse and for a skirt or trousers, use your hip size.  You can usually adjust the waist easily. Note that pattern sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer.
How much fabric to buy?
Once you have decided on the design you want to make and your size, you can use the chart to determine how much fabric you will need. The width of the fabric you have chosen is important, for example a narrower 45 inch fabric may need a greater length than a wider 60 inch fabric.  Don’t forget to take in to consideration that stripes, large repeat patterns or a nap may need extra fabric for matching.
Remember we are a friendly lot at Freelance and have a huge amount of knowledge and experience between us, so if in doubt just ask. Plus you can receive 10% OFF all dress fabrics during June! Just Download The Voucher .
Good Luck! 
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