Claim your Free UV Marking Pack to protect your belongings courtesy of #Waverley Borough Council
6th August 2011
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Waverley Borough Council are providing Free UV Property Marking Packs to help beat the burglar.

Marking your valuables with your postcode and house number, using an ultraviolet pen (revealed only under UV light), then displaying warning signs and window stickers advertising the fact that you have done so, will make burglars think twice about stealing from your home. Your belongings are then uniquely identifiable and more difficult for villains to sell on. Thieves are more likely to be charged if the police are able to prove that items in their possession are stolen.

Security marking also provides you with a greater chance of having your stolen possessions returned. Please remember though that UV marking does fade over time, so items must be re-marked regularly. It is also a good idea to photograph high value jewellery, antiques and anything of sentimental value, as this will make them easier to describe and identify.

You can collect your Free UV Marking Pack from Farnham Locality Office, South Street, Farnham. Directions and office opening hours are available on Waverley Borough Council's website.

Click here for top burglary prevention tips and further crime prevention advice from Surrey police.

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