Are you ready to optimise your Social Media?
24th January 2011
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With the new year comes new budgets, new projects and a chance to set your social media goals.

In fact, all the indications are that 2011 will see many more businesses hopping on to the social media train.

  • But the question is … how long will they last?
  • Will they make it to their destination?
  • And last, but not least, do they actually know their destination?

Setting a proper budget is also a key consideration. This may shock some of the more clueless who will tell you that “social media is free” …. Sorry folks that is simply not true!

Equally true is that you will need more than an intern with a twitter account to both set and execute your social media plan and connect with your audience in a way that best represents your brand and market positioning.

Executed properly, social media is time consuming and that is why many organisations are increasingly turning towards external solutions and resources to drive their social media strategy and thereby gain competitive edge.

Are you ready to get on board?  …

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