Why you should get to know your bin!
15th April 2019
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Pretty sure that we'd got stuck in a groove of familiarity around what we all expect from waste services and believing that they could be done a lot better Phillipa, co-founder and now CEO of Exeter based recycling and rubbish company Binit, set out on a mission; To step back from the business waste services we have all come to expect.

And re-imagine a new service, with the customer and the environment smack bang in the middle of that vision.


Many helpful conversations later, it was clear. Aside from bins being emptied, businesses want convenient, flexible and reliable services.

They want to trade on clean, tidy streets and from shops and offices where bags of recycling and rubbish don’t get under busy feet.

If thoughtful, intelligent services help them waste less and recycle more, even better. This was the start of Binit and the beginning of a new kind of recycling and rubbish service in Exeter.


Philippa Roberts Co-founder and CEO of Binit:

“From the very beginning we knew we were going to design a service around getting to grips with the day to day needs of the businesses we were working with. It sounds basic, but it’s without a doubt the number one way to make things hassle free for customers. Doing it this way bins don’t overflow, shops, offices and streets are kept tidy and bag free and more stuff gets reused and recycled”. 

Building a service based on what customers really need might sound obvious. But in the world of waste, it’s pretty radical. And long overdue. Add in the extra layer of understanding about what goes into bins and when, Binit is providing the service that businesses want, with the added benefit of less litter on the streets and fewer vehicles on the roads.

Philippa added:

“Knowing every Binit bin, how full it is and which days it's most likely to fill up, means we can offer our customers the flexibility and convenience they really want. Transferring those important pieces of information even more quickly from bin to Binit, is the next step.  And at the end of April, the new Binit app, will make that possible. We’re itching to get Exeter businesses using it!”

Since Binit started, services have rolled out across Exeter. To find out more about Binit’s services, including one-off, on demand collections go to or call (01392) 927244

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