Why I Feel Compelled to Write Testimonials - And Who to See to Fix an Achey Jaw
5th August 2010
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Occasionally people comment about how many testimonials I've posted on thebestof Exeter. It's true; I have posted lots of testimonials (85 at last count), but why shouldn't I?

We have the pleasure of promoting some of the best businesses in Exeter, so not only do I want to use their goods and services in order to support them, but I want to use them, because I know they're the best!

Here is an example:

I went to see Jonathan Boxall of Exeter Osteopathic Clinic (at Holmedale Health, another tbo Exeter member) for treatment yesterday.

It was about two years ago that I went to my dentist saying that I had toothache. He did extensive investigations, including x-rays, and then he announced that he couldn't find anything (try as he might - as, of course, he would have been delighted to find a problem which would have been expensive to fix).

Actually, a few days earlier I met Jonathan Boxall. He looked at me and said that he could help me with my sore jaw. "Actually," I said, "I have toothache." Maybe you can predict what I am going to say now... Yes, I went to see Jonathan after going to my dentist. Jonathan took some information, did his osteopathic magic in my mouth and on my jaw, and it was sorted.

I realised that I sometimes grit my teeth when I'm stressed, and this may have caused the muscles to constrict...

Anyway, my colleague, Dave, and I had a meeting with Jonathan about his thebestof Exeter membership last week, and I said to him that I needed some treatment again (having slipped into the old habit of gritting my teeth when stressed, I guess). He concurred, saying that he noticed my jaw looked a  bit taut...

So when you see a second testimonial for Jonathan (http://bit.ly/cI1Pt8), please understand that it is absolutely sincere. The man has magic hands, intuition and talent. I really recommend him - which I should as a thebestof Exeter member - but also, because he is fully qualified as one of the best.

Please get involved with posting testimonials to give valuable feedback. The public deserves to know when businesses do well.

Oh - and you might want to go and see Jonathan Boxall yourself if you have discomfort... He may be able to help!

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