Why do people consistently go to Tesco, but hate shopping there?
13th September 2010
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The simple reason is that they need the items that are sold there and the prices tend to be fair. The experience is the best that can be arranged by Tesco.


For example, when you buy vegetables and fruit, you expect that the Tesco buyers will have obtained consitsent quality, size and shape for all their potential customers. Normally, if not eaten before the sell by or use by dates, the products will be unfit to eat.


This explains the idea of risk to a client - when you part with your money, you hope that the product and or service you buy is going to meet your needs. Sometimes the experience will be enjoyed, i.e. the purchase from Tesco's will enrich your cooking and eating, other times it will not be so enjoyable.


But you have spent your money, so you took a risk that the item would greatly benefit your catering.


Investing is like this, sometimes you invest, and the investment turns out to enrich your wealth. Occassionally you suffer a reduction in wealth as a result of this purchase.

The management of risk is something that your financial advicser should fully explain to you before to start investing, and every year at the annual review, go through risk assessment with you.

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