Vitamin B ‘Puts off Alzheimer’s’ according to Oxford University
23rd September 2010
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The breaking news on television and in the newspapers on 8th September 2010:

A recent study at Oxford University was conducted on people that already had early signs of dementia. Even at this early stage the brain shrinks at twice the rate of healthy brains. Once Alzheimer’s sets in the brain shrinks at five times the normal rate (about 2.5% per year).

The researchers gave these early dementia sufferers a very high dose of Vitamin B complex. It could be described as a therapeutic dose. The result was a lowering of a substance in the body called ‘Homocysteine’.

The consequence of lowering Homocysteine was a marked slowing down of brain shrinkage thereafter slowing down the progression of dementia.

The ‘down’ side of this study was that very high doses of Vitamin B complex used in previous studies had shown that these high levels can create their own problems; for example peripheral nerve damage etc.

In contrast 3 studies completed on Juice Plus+ have all been able to demonstrate its ability to ‘lower Homocysteine’ without the need for abnormally high doses of isolated vitamins. Juice Plus+ was shown to:

1) Reduce Homocysteine in otherwise healthy people.
2) Lower Homocysteine to what is considered at be a safe and healthy level.
3) Achieve this reduction without the known risks associated with high levels of isolated vitamins.

The three studies completed with Juice Plus+ were independently conducted at The University of Milan, University of Sydney and the Women’s Medical University in Tokyo, Japan.

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