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3rd April 2012
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Once again we had a fabulous thebestof Exeter business breakfast this morning at Fresha Cafe. Our members have asked for (and now expect) an educational focus at our fortnightly business breakfasts, so after we pass business cards around the table, each attendee states his/her name and his/her business. Then we ask everyone to engage in a topic which we hope can be valuable to all attendees. The outcome can often be quite insightful into the personalities and the business nous of participants around the table.

Today's topic was 'top tips' - personal and/or business. There were some real gems, including:

Don't sit next to the host, because then you'll be asked to go second.

Speak to your accountant/solicitor before taking business decisions that you might regret.

Don't underestimate or make assumptions about what your employees can handle.

Look after staff and clients, for instance, considering treating them to a team building experience to foster loyalty.

Remember that it is important to use good qualilty photographic images, as they represent your business.

Be careful about buying claims related insurance policies.

Always start the day with a smile.

Remember to get the work - life balance right.

Treat clients with respect.

Don't reduce insurance coverage or you might regret it.

Make yourself open the 'too difficult' box instead of putting it off.

Use 5 minutes every day at the end of each day to plan the next day.

Use a 'to do' list and divide it into chunks of time that can be 'ticked' when completed so that you can feel each achievement.

Reserve a YouTube channel in your company name in case you need it in the future.

If you give someone responsibility, accept that some mistakes will be made but understand that these would have been made on purpose.

Respond to people quickly when asked to quote for a job. If you're too busy, acknowledge the request and get back to them as soon as possible.

Strive to impress and be brilliant to someone every day.

Answer the phone with a smile.

Always ask advice if you're unsure of something.

Give the first 30 minutes to your partner when you get home each day.

Look after your suppliers, as well as your customers.

Be good to yourself. We all work hard, so we need to give ourselves a break every now and then.

If you'd like an invitation to our next breakfast, give us a call on 01329 248 263.

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