This Summer nothing is hotter than BBX in Devon!
2nd June 2018
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Summer is here, that time of year when we all gain magical powers. Make it rain simply by pulling the BBQ out of the shed! Spooky. Still, while the weather is up and down like a teenagers mood, BBX is up and up!

We've been joined by Virtual Tours who make stunning drone videos and... er... virtual tours! Sarah White is offering her considerable VA skills; get your Quad-Bike on with Devon Country Pursuits; design and print with Scribble & Ink; let Clear Reach make your windows and facia's sparkle; enjoy seriously amazing food in Lloyds Kitchen; raise your profile on directory; install or repair flat-roofing thanks to Building Surfaces, or get the Hungarian Handyman to fix up home or garden. 

For those in need of a tune-up, Jenny Skinner now offers the Alexander Technique to get your body in shape, and The Orchid Community provide training and advice to keep you or your staff team mentally and emotional healthy too.

Phew. It seems like we have almost anything you might want right there, yet these are just the new faces among our 130+ Devon businesses, all connected to over 90,000 other opportunities worldwide! 

You may well feel like you're missing out on this great community, in which case, get in touch! Mandy Swift can guide you in becoming part of a trading platform that offers you growth, resilience and guaranteed new customers.

Now, where did I put that soggy hot-dog?

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