The tooth fairy is cool again
27th May 2010
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A traditional reward programme to encourage children to take good care of their teeth has just become cool again with the launch of Twentieth Century Fox’s Tooth Fairy movie (28th May).

Local dentist, Jonathan Moulding from Spicer Road Dental practice in Exeter says it’s the perfect opportunity for parents to remind their children of the importance of brushing their teeth and eating the right foods.
“To celebrate the release of the new ‘Tooth Fairy’ movie, we’re having a fun-filled open day on Friday 4th June (last Friday of half term) from  3-5pm at Spicer Road Dental Practice – everyone is welcome to pop in” said Jonathan.

“Parents should not underestimate their role in the supervision of the twice-daily tooth-brushing routine. The recommended age to keep a watchful eye on your children as they brush is seven,” said Jonathan. “And Roo, our puppet kangaroo will be here to allow children to practice good brushing techniques."

There will also be plenty of samples and tips for everyone to take home and other items to buy on the day! And a prize will be awarded to the best design of a modern day tooth fairy. And cakes made using Xylitol (a healthy sugar alternative) will be on sale.

 “As children naturally prefer sweet food, the challenge is to balance their diet by giving them the food they love while looking out for their teeth and gums. The trick is to encourage them to eat sweets at the end of a meal, rather than constantly nibbling throughout the day,” said Jonathan

Top tips for parents to remember:

  • take your children to the dentist from as young an age as possible to familiarise them with the sounds, sights and smells before they even have to sit in the chair
  • brush with a fluoride containing toothpaste for two minutes, twice daily
  • supervise children’s brushing up until around the age of seven years
  • cheese is a great way to finish off a meal as it neutralises the acid levels in the mouth which attack/soften the ename

For further information, please contact Spicer Road Dental Practice on 01392 272408 or visit their bestof Exeter feature here

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