The Power of Local in a Global World
29th April 2010
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One of the most incredible things about the technological world we live in is how it is thrusting back towards local.

There was a time (peaking in the 2000s) when TV broadcasted to us Brits very un-local and un-personal advertising that had nothing to do with the corner shop and everything to do with the big brands.

But today, not just the internet, but also things like mobile phones and the way we think about information has put local back on top of the pile and once again it is king of the hill.

Example: Mobile Search

Increasingly, more and more people are using search on mobile phones and mobile phone apps to get information on what is around them. The thing when I search using them today is that the results that are returned are based on not only relevance to the words that I used, but also to the location that I am in.

This is a big deal. Considering so many people feared that the internet would drive shopping online (which it largely did), and make people purchasing globally rather than locally( which it largely did), it now has grown and matured to prefer local over global.

When people are using Facebook (the place where almost half a billion humans are gathered), they are getting local information from the local friends and the locality that they are in.

Brands are getting to a point of saturation, where consumers are now craving individual and local products and services.

Think about it. Think about how when people search for your businesses sector / subject, you can be there ready and waiting.

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