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9th January 2014
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Aries March 21st- April 20th You may need to give yourself a good talking to at the beginning of the month. It's time to set some priorities at work and imagine where you would like to be in six months. A good time to talk everything over with partners and close friends, what you learn by communicating your wishes will help focus your very active mind. Set your targets high and make sure you head in that direction. Taurus April 21st- May 21st You'll be feeling inspired to get into the new year and your great ideas will be well received with those you need to impress. A great time for starting a new regime and getting fit so take a look at improving your overall eating and fitness agenda. This is going to be a busy year and you need to recharge your energy to take full advantage of the exciting things ahead. Gemini May 22nd- June 22nd With Mercury your ruling planet at odds with Jupiter, Uranus and Mars this month start it as quietly as you can, don't make any major decisions until this phase passes over the coming weeks. Instead concentrate your efforts on the domestic front and your personal life. Write your lists for the year ahead of all you wish to achieve, this will clear your mind and give you added determination to obtain success. Cancer June 23rd- July 23rd The Moon your ruling planet is new in your opposing sign of Capricorn at the beginning of the month. The effect on you may bring up hidden emotions and feelings to the surface. This month say what you feel and donât be fearful about any outcome this may bring. By being yourself and truthful with those around you at home and work will help to settle any issues that have been on your mind. Leo July 24th- August 23rd You are ever the optimist and the New Year always brings a sense of renewal, re-birth and excitement for the year ahead. Use this to make your plans into your future so set your targets and deadlines, fill yourself with confidence that you can achieve all you wish for and need. A good month to get rid of the old, if something has been holding you back now's the month to start afresh and allow space in your life to embrace a new beginning. Virgo August 24th- Sept 23rd This is the month to set your budget for the coming weeks, be realistic about what you need, so think of ways to achieve financial security. You'll be ready to start focusing on work and your career, if you feel stuck in a rut it may be time to look at the avenues open for you to move on. Remember the skills you have and give your confidence a boost, you are a valued member of any team so push yourself forward. Libra Sept 24th- Oct 23rd With the energetic and feisty planet of Mars travelling through your sign this month no one will be able to hold you back. There are some extraordinary surprises coming but don't make hasty or rash decisions until you have put some thought into any new work projects. With Mars in some difficult aspects with Uranus and Jupiter if it looks too good to be true it probably is, caution is your keyword this month. Scorpio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd Saturn travelling through your sign over the past year has brought you many limitations but also many successes. This planet is called the teacher planet and you have been on a huge learning curve, finding out more about yourself and others around you. Take this opportunity to embrace a new way of thinking and although you are one of the most secret signs in the Zodiac it's time now to speak your mind. Sagittarius Nov 23rd - Dec 21st The start of the New Year should fill you with optimism and a sense of adventure, if you haven't already made plans for coming months now's a great time to do this. Concentrate your efforts into fulfilling your ambitions this year, if it's work, travel or your domestic life wherever you feel there needs to be some changes. You are not a sign that likes life to stagnate so start taking action to move your life on into the future. Capricorn Dec 22nd - Jan 20th With the Sun, Mercury and a retrograde Venus travelling through your sign itâs time to settle a relationship and communicate with someone close to you. A New Moon on the 1st in your sign really kicks start your New Year into something special, a very lucky planetary movement. New beginnings and inspiration will have you feeling extremely positive for the year ahead. Start making plans Capricorn. Aquarius Jan 21st- Feb 19th The Sun moves in on the 21st and with Mercury doing its yearly visit and a New Moon on the 31st this is a really good start to the coming year. Make sure you make the most of this bright astrological outlook, wonderful for your career and you may take a step in the right direction, push yourself forward so don't hold back, new ideas will be well received. Pisces Feb 20th- March 20th Time to take stock and think about where your life is going and if you are heading in the right direction. You are a sign that always goes by their feelings and instincts, sometimes this can lead you up the garden path and you can feel let down. By looking at things from a very realistic point of view if changes need to be made now is a great month to start. This in turn will set the trend for the year ahead.

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