The future of marketing: cutting edge interactive billboard hits Exeter
7th September 2010
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A new billboard on Marsh Barton Road, Exeter allows passers-by to interact with it using their mobile phones. Members of the public can point their devices at the hoarding, and they will be re-directed to an online promotional video.

Organic Development, thebestof Exeter member company responsible for the billboard, claims it is the first advertisement of its type in the region. Managing director James Moffat revealed the motivation behind its creation: “The billboard is based on the concept of augmented reality (AR), an exciting technology that involves overlaying interactive, computer-generated content onto the real world. It has applications in many areas, from shopping to navigation to education, and will soon become an important part of our daily lives. Because Organic Development offers creative marketing services and digital solutions to local businesses, AR couldn't be more relevant to our work.”

Despite the fact that the technology is still in its relatively early stages, it is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. All over the world, interactive ads are being embraced by companies and consumers alike. Recently in New York, clothing giant Calvin Klein experimented with a high-tech  billboard concept similar to the one adopted by Organic Development, which contained a link to an online video.

So how does it work? James explains: “It’s easier than you might think. The billboard uses a combination of web, video and mobile technology. It contains a printed QR code, similar to a barcode that you would find on a supermarket product, that represents digital information. When smartphones ‘see’ the code, they can decipher the information and translate it into a web address.”

In order to interact with the billboards (situated opposite McDonalds) passers by must have the relevant app installed on their smartphone. iPhone users require the free QR reader for iPhone app, whilst those with an Android handset can use the pre-installed Barcode Scanner. Then, it’s simply a case of pointing the phone’s camera at the code and viewing the multimedia content that’s delivered to the palm of your hand.

What not try it yourself. The Ad is below!

For more information, call James Moffat on 07989 333304, or 0845 869 7654 or email

Organic Development are featured on thebestof Exeter billboard and are members of thebestof Exeter

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