Tackling Food Waste
7th November 2011
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Today I have been thinking more about food waste. There is an event in London taking place on November 18th in Trafalgar Square - Feeding the 5000 - when food that would otherwise go to waste - because it is too large, too small or the wrong shape for the supermarkets - will be cooked and given out free.

It is an event to raise awareness about the astounding food waste that goes on in the world. According to this campaign's article, around one third of the world's food production goes to waste - that is more than enough to feed the world's hungry people.

You may feel it's hard to do much about supermarket policy (although supporting the campaign will help) but you can do something about the food waste in your own household. And with rising house prices and tightening household budgets, who doesn't want to save money on food spend?

What can you do about it?

1. Plan your weeks recipes and buy only what you need to cook these meals.

2. Go shopping with a shopping list - and stick to it.

3. Resist temptation to buy things 'off list' that are on offer, unless they are on non perishable goods, something you can put in the freezer or you can share it with a friend.

4. Buy fruit and vegetables where possible from local suppliers who still sell the large, the small and well....  frankly.... the rude shaped vegetables - and who only waste what is inedible.

5. Check your fridge regulalry and plan to use up anything near its use by date. Check for recipes on Penny's Recipes There are also tips and hints at the Love Food Hate Waste website

6. If you do end up with some overripe or damaged fruit and veg - make soup or cake.  Apple Cake, Banana Cake, Tired Salad Soup for example. Soups can be made from most things and if it needs a little extra add some potato, rice or noodles

7. If you waste food, such as bread, regualrly because it goes off before it is finished, put half the loaf in the freezer when you get it and then remove it when needed.

8. If you are buying some ingredient for a recipe and you only need half of it, search for other recipes that uses that ingredient - or make double the quantity you need and but the leftover in the fridge or freezer to provide a meal on another day.

9. If you regularly serve up eg too much pasta or rice, weigh out the amounts before cooking. Dried pasta always looks to be less than when it is cooked.

10. Target yourself with a maximum allowable amount of food waste and gradually get that down to zero over several weeks - and plan a reward for yourself such as your favourite ice cream - or something that definitely won't go to waste!

If you create any great soup, cake or stew dishes with your left overs, be sure to let us know at Penny's Recipes - where we love to hear of new ways to cook things.







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