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12th December 2011
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Christmas is coming and the restaurants are filling up with parties of people getting together over food. People are inviting their friends to share a meal with them for lunch, or a dinner party, to catch up and share their latest news. Just this last week I attended a 'Bring and Share ' supper for a meeting and celebration of Transition Exeter, where I enjoyed preparing and sharing Apple and Parsnip soup  and trying many other delicious dishes that others had brought.

It seems sharing food has been a part of humanity since time began - think of Adam and Eve and The Last Supper for example. And food is an integral part of how we celebrate - weddings and christenings and in a more subdued form at funerals. 

Many people love to cook for other people - those who live alone sometimes lament that that they have no-one to cook for. There is something fundamentally human, about providing sustenance to one another. Even the plethora of cookery programmes contribute to that, if only in a more 'virtual' way.

Sharing food breaks down barriers and perhaps it helps conversation because pauses are acceptable when you are munching your way through some delicious grub. And the continuous talker has to stop occasionally for another mouthful, creating a space for others to get a word in. The food, of course, always provides a potential topic of conversation and is a subject we all have in common.

Sharing food is warming and nourishing for the body - and for the soul. At a 'bring and share' supper, you make one dish and yet get to eat many - it's a great balance for everyone of effort and reward! And you may exchange recipes as you praise each other for their good work.

And sharing food with others doesn't have to be a posh affair. It may be as simple as taking some mince pies into the office - or even arranging a Bake Off between colleagues.

Food can also make a great Christmas present that doesn't have to cost a lot but will be well received - who doesn't like to get a gift of their favourite food?

Food doesn't have to be fancy or expensive to be good either, otherwise some traditional, simple recipes wouldn't have stood the test of time through the years.

For plenty of ideas for easy and low cost recipes throughout the festive season, check out Penny's Recipes.

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