Secrets to Business Innovation- Free Workshop by Pintrical
22nd September 2016
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For those businesses who are either looking for better ways to compete, be more creative, who don't have an endless pot of money to risk launching the wrong product or those simply looking for new focus or direction, this work shop will prove a defining moment in putting them on a trajectory to higher growth.   

So 'why now'? The days of mass market research, single sales channels, local advantage and big advertising budgets are over. In today’s global marketplace only companies that are close to their customers can thrive. 

And so 'why it works'! You only know what you already know and priorities are aligned to solving current challenges. We focus on finding insights that make existing things better and create new things no one else has. 

The work-shop covers those critical areas for success in the morning session (9am-12pm), followed by one-on-one meetings (1pm to 5pm), to be booked in advance, that will analyse individual products and needs.   


 9:00 – Introduction to Innovation Thought Processes

Foundations for how your business should think about individuals, ideas and innovation. 

9:30 – Innovation Goals: What New Products & Services Should I Aim For?

Methods for setting goals for incremental, big steps and game changing innovation over the course of 1-5 years.

 10:00 – Sign Posts: How Do I Know When It’s Working?

We share markers that businesses can use to measure whether their new products are gaining traction with customers before spending all the cash on manufacturing and marketing. 

10:30 – Innovation CPR: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Framework for taking any business or idea challenge and generating a positive response from it. 

11:00 – Under The Microscope: How to Identify the Critical Priorities?

How to ask the tough questions that identify the critical areas where you should be spending the most time, energy and resources? 

11:30 – Practical Exercise: Putting All the Pieces Back Together

Exercise that walks participants through the process of starting with a crazy idea and turning it into a reality. 

The work-shop is delivered by our Managing Director John House. John has spent the past 10 years working for and consulting with product, technology and service companies on increasing innovative practices. Over the past year alone, John has personally interviewed innovation executives and managers at Philips, Google, British Gas, Black & Decker, Dell, Diageo, Mars and Skanska to gain insights into their best innovation tools and techniques. In this workshop, John fuses together all of this knowledge to offer powerful frameworks and advice for improving existing products and services, as well as taking any idea and turning it into a reality.

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