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14th August 2012
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See what Sara Delphi says September holds for you:

Aries March 21st- April 20th

The Full Moon on the 30th falls in your sign in harmony with Uranus, like a flash of lightening inspiration will come and kick start something special. Uranus is travelling through the Fourth House of upbringing and inherited family patterns, there may be surprises and revelations about the past that you had no idea about. Make sure you spend time with your family and whatever transpires don’t be over sensitive, take everything as it comes.

Taurus April 21st- May 21st

Romantically everything should become more secure and relationships are entering a very stable phase. This you will enjoy as you like security in your personal relationships. A good time for work and professionally you’re on the way up, with your energy at an all time high nothing can stop you from reaching your targets. Enjoy this time of prosperity and take advantage of an extremely beneficial astrological outlook.

Gemini May 22nd- June 22nd

A lucky break this month which will give your career a much needed boost make sure you don’t miss out by hesitating, in other words strike while the irons hot Gemini! Your company will be much in demand and an encounter with someone new and special gives your love life the lift that you wish for and need. If you lack some confidence give yourself a pep talk, everything is on your side and happiness is just a moment away.

Cancer June 23rd- July 23rd

As Venus leaves your sign on the 7th after its yearly visit you’ll feel satisfied and content with your life and the way things are going. Your finances should have improved as well as your love life, look to home and domestic issues and making improvements. You’re the great homemaker and nurturer and having friends and family surrounding you will bring the contentment you like. This month plan to send out the invites as any family gatherings will be great.

Leo July 24th- August 23rd

This is the month for love Leo as Venus starts travelling through your sign on the 7th. This lovely planet of love, relationships, harmony, self worth and values brings you abundance in all areas of your life. A good time to consolidate projects and schemes, and you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work and effort, which has taken much of your time over the past weeks. Any social events you attend will see you sparkling, you’ll love this and feel on top of the world. Well done Leo!

Virgo August 24th- Sept 23rd

The Sun in your sign until the 23rd gives your energy levels a much needed boost. Mercury your ruling planet also pays you a visit from the 2nd to 17th; this will be wonderful for any form of communications and travel. Mentally you’ll be in top form and any challenges at work you’ll be able to sweep aside and get to the bottom of any problems. A new Moon on the 16th in your sign brings great inspiration and fantastic ideas and a wonderful new beginning.

Libra Sept 24th- Oct 23rd

At last Libra you’ll start to feel the limitations lift as Saturn starts to move out of your sign next month. On the 23rd you have your yearly visit from the Sun and Mercury and you may feel as if a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders, with this you’ll want to put new plans into action. Something you hear may come as a surprise but trust your great intuitive powers and don’t believe

Scorpio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd

With Mars, one of your ruling planets travelling through your sign it’s a great time to further your plans and ideas. The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy and you may feel rushed off your feet, so make sure you take time out to recharge your energy levels. Socialising and meeting new and interesting people will bring information and news which could help advance your career and professional life. Make sure you get out and about Scorpio.

Sagittarius Nov 23rd - Dec 21st

This is a brilliant phase for you and you’ll be eager to start something new and exciting. Make sure you clear the decks before starting any new project or you could find that you get tied down with loose ends. A good time to socialise and plan parties and events that bring people together. You’ll be in control of your life and be happy with the way things are going. This hasn’t happened for a while Sagittarius and will make you feel stronger and more powerful.

Capricorn Dec 22nd - Jan 20th

As Pluto goes Direct in your sign on the 18th it brings a time of change and an unpredictable set of circumstances that may make you feel insecure. Whatever transpires over the next few weeks you’ll have to go with the flow and don’t try and fight any changes. Be prepared to alter or cancel your plans at the last minute. Look at the bigger picture long term, it’s time to let go of something in the past and you’ll see a brand new beginning.

Aquarius Jan 21st- Feb 19th

A good time to look at your personal life and any relationships that have become mundane and tedious. This month there is the chance to change any emotional issues that are not making you happy or bringing the contentment you wish for. Have courage to make bold steps forward and your life will open up into a new phase. Travel and pursuing intellectual interest will be great for you, so make space to achieve this.

Pisces Feb 20th- March 20th

This month don’t be distracted by the trivia of life as you need to look at the wider picture. You’ve had some enormous changes over the past few weeks and you may still feel confused as to where a certain pathway is leading you. Keep all the lines of communications open as you are better off knowing what is going on rather than letting your imagination go into overdrive. Solid facts and figures will benefit you now and in the future.

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