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30th July 2012
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Aries March 21st- April 20th
The start of the month may see you feeling frustrated as upheavals can cause some stress, this is due to Mars your ruling planet in opposition to Uranus in your sign. Unexpected circumstances will have you changing your plans or even postponing any arrangements. Whatever transpires don’t rush into making rash decisions as an aspect between Saturn and Mars later in the month allows you to consolidate your time and energy.

Taurus April 21st- May 21st
This month you are about to learn something new about someone close to you, secrets may be revealed which will surprise you. If you feel like trusting in your own fate and destiny regarding a relationship that’s fine, but you may have to take the future into your own hands and make some decisions. What seemed important in the past may no longer have the same appeal, perhaps it’s time to move on Taurus?

Gemini May 22nd- June 22nd
You’re in for a lovely surprise this month and your love life is about to take off, be prepared to put love high on your agenda. A lucky encounter may change your life forever Gemini, don’t miss the opportunity by hesitating. Take life as it comes nothing will be too much trouble for you, your happy go lucky attitude will shine through. Financially all should be going well, luck is with you and you’ll see an improvement in most areas of your life.

Cancer June 23rd- July 23rd
With Venus the planet of love and relationships moving into your sign on the 8th this is the month for romance. Venus is also the planet of self worth and values, some thinking may need to be done and you may be assessing what is important to you. The Moon your ruling planet is in opposition to Mercury the planet of communication, this will cause you to feel as if no one is listening. Keep you own counsel as there is no point trying to explain until the middle of the month when this aspect passes.

Leo July 24th- August 23rd
A great month for you Leo as the Sun your ruling planet pays its yearly visit to your sign. You’ll be feeling relaxed, happy and very content with life in general. The New Moon on the 17th in your sign is like a breath of fresh air, an excellent time to start something new and exciting. With Mercury retrograde for the first week of the month you may experience some missed messages and delays to any travel plans. It starts to move forward again on the 8th so from then on your communication skills will be your best asset.

Virgo August 24th- Sept 23rd
Have you missed something Virgo? With your ruling planet Mercury moving backwards for the first week of this month there could be disruptions to any travel plans and some form of missed communications. Make sure you check all the details it will save you time and avoid frustrations. You may find something out this month that comes as a surprise, news and information from an unexpected source could have you thinking. Before responding make sure you check the facts, don’t listen to gossip or rumour.

Libra Sept 24th- Oct 23rd
A great aspect between Saturn in your sign and Mars travelling through Libra, allowing you to forge ahead with new plans and ideas. Your energy levels will see you facing up to any challenges and overcoming any obstacles. A great time to get things done and out the way, you can then put all your energy into creating an exciting project that’s been put on the back burner for a while. With Mars bringing energy and determination and Saturn bringing discipline and self control this month believe in yourself.

Scorpio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd
Mars your ruling planet enters your sign towards the end of the month bringing you energy and determination. This planet of action means that you cannot sit still and need to be out and about, so make plans to spend time with family and friends. Work will be forging ahead and if you are feeling restless for a change look for ways of achieving this. It’s important to get the work play balance right so don’t be too ambitious and take on more than you want or need.

Sagittarius Nov 23rd - Dec 21st
A very busy month ahead, your company will be in demand and you’ll enjoy a social time spent with your favourite people. Work will be challenging but you’ll relish this and be able to get ahead and impress your work colleagues with your new ideas. With the Moon travelling through your opposing sign of Gemini on the 11th try and take a break from your busy schedule as your energy levels may be depleted. Life will not be dull and that’s just the way you like it.

Capricorn Dec 22nd - Jan 20th
Family issues and your domestic life need to be your focus through the coming weeks. Put space in your diary to spend time with loved ones, your elderly relatives will love your company and plan some outings that involve the family. A check on the financial areas of your life may reveal some discrepancy so check all the details with investments and bank accounts. You may have to move money around to make sure you are getting the best deal for your hard earned cash.

Aquarius Jan 21st- Feb 19th
The Full Moon in your sign on the 2nd highlights everything your feeling and thinking, don’t be over sensitive to those around you and don’t over react, just allow this time to pass and settle down. Your life is on a roll and work should be busy and hectic and going well, you’ll be enjoying a time when you are in the spotlight and achieving your goals and targets. This really is a good month for you Aquarius, you are heading in the right direction and on the right pathway, think lucky and you’ll be lucky.

Pisces Feb 20th- March 20th
With Neptune in a strange aspect with the Sun and Venus you’ll be experiencing a time of revelations, this may in turn cause you some upheaval. Neptune is the planet of illusion and you’ve been living in a fantasy land over the past few months. Whatever transpires this will be good for you in the long run, don’t take on too much and allow yourself space to think and contemplate your thoughts. You’re changing Pisces and the world around you is changing to, be positive for your future and watch the universe respond.

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