Sara Delphi's March Horoscopes
12th February 2013
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MDA Horoscopes March 2013

Aries March 21st - April 20th

A great month for you as the Sun enters on the 21st, Venus on the 23rd and Mars your ruling planet on the 13th. Lots of exciting things for you to do and you’ll have all the energy to achieve so much. Set any new projects in motion over the coming weeks and you’ll have every chance of success. Harmony prevails in all areas of your life; astrologically these are your weeks Aries make sure you don’t miss out.

Taurus April 21st - May 21st

Venus your ruling planet is in wonderful harmony with Mercury the planet of communication and Mars the planet of energy, determination and courage. Put all your efforts into a close partnership and you’ll reap the rewards. Everyone will want your company and you’ll shine out from the crowd. Make sure you get out and about as romantic encounters will be very special for you and a new relationship may come along. 

Gemini May 22nd - June 22nd

If there is something that needs to be said this is the month to say it, someone around you may need to be told a few home truths. Once you have cleared the air the relationship can move on provided you are happy with the outcome. Not easy to be truthful at times as you’re not the sort of person who likes to rock the boat. Be very tactful and diplomatic and all will be well and you’ll feel so much better.

Cancer June 23rd - July 23rd

With a New Moon in Pisces on the 11th - your fellow Water sign, it bodes well for you bringing new energy and inspiration. It’s a great time to look at your home and think about making some changes; anything that enhances your domestic situation is excellent. Think about some re-decorating you’ll have loads of inspiration, be unusual and creative this will prove exciting and good for you. 

Leo July 24th - August 23rd

This is a wonderful time for creativity as the Sun your ruling planet starts the month with great aspects and this will inspire you. You’ll have all the power of persuasion and if needed you can bring someone around to your way of thinking at home or work. If you’re going to take a gamble make sure you know what you are taking on.  You can be impulsive but be cautious and don’t rush into a new project without thinking carefully about the outcome.

Virgo August 24th - Sept 23rd

Mercury your ruling planet in a lovely conjunction with Venus and Mars brings harmony within important relationships. Enjoy a time of feeling content and happy, spend time with those closest to you and plan some outings. Mars brings energy and determination and with this great aspect with Venus your finances may be given a well earned boost. Communication, travel and romance should be your priority, so put them high on your agenda.

Libra Sept 24th - Oct 23rd

A Full Moon at the end of the month in your sign finishes a time when you may be feeling drained of energy. If relationships have been strained over the past few weeks now’s a great month to communicate and set the record straight. Think about leaving behind what is no longer working for you and this in turn will allow the new to enter your life. This is a good month for some meditation and reflection.

Scorpio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd

The middle of the month is the best time for you to get things done and you’ll have a better chance of success and achieving your targets and goals. Being a Water sign the Moon will have an influence on how you are feeling, as this planet moves through Scorpio at the beginning and end of the month it brings a low time for you and can deplete your energy levels. Take it easy around this time and don’t take on too much.

Sagittarius Nov 23rd - Dec 21st

You’ll feel all fired up and this would be a great time to plan some journeys and travel. Where would you like to go Sagittarius? When making plans the more unusual and different the better, you like to extend your knowledge and anything that brings you into contact with different cultures will be very exciting. As life keeps you in the normal routine and all should be going well, put some exciting plans into action.

Capricorn Dec 22nd - Jan 20th

Life settling down after the flurry of astrological activity at the beginning of the year sees you feeling in a happy mood. Whatever has transpired over the past few weeks causing some upheaval and strain will seem a distant memory. You are not a sign that likes change, unless of course you have initiated it, but by no fault of your own there have been changes that you now have to accept. Do this - and embrace a brand new beginning. 

Aquarius Jan 21st- Feb 19th

Time and tide wait for no man, this old proverb applies to you this month, and you have a very busy schedule and time ahead. You started the year full of enthusiasm and optimism try and hold onto this as what happens this month could be wonderful for your future. The changes you wish for can still be yours and you’ll have all the energy and courage to make those changes, know they are coming soon and don’t miss out. 

Pisces Feb 20th - March 20th

The New Moon on the 11th falls in your sign and being a Water sign this will definitely affect you and the way you are thinking and feeling. Neptune in harmony with the Sun, Venus and Mercury it’s a great time to put any relationships back on track. Try and keep focused on what or who is important in your life. Neptune is the planet of illusion and deception so make sure you are being told the truth, as someone may be trying to hide something from you.


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