Powderkeg Brewery Launch
23rd July 2015
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This month sees the launch of Powderkeg, a custom-designed brewery based just outside Exeter, which produces remarkable craft beer.


Craft beer is the fastest growing sector in the UK alcohol market. This reflects the fact that thinkers and drinkers alike are appreciating the efforts of a growing band of passionate and rebellious artisan brewers who mix classic styles and exciting new ingredients to create contemporary, flavoursome beers.

Powderkeg Brewery is set to be Devon’s ringleader in this beer revolution, and will launch with a German Pilsner (Cut Loose) and an American Pale Ale (Speak Easy). Each has been lovingly infused with interesting hops which, combined with innovative brewing techniques, create a completely new beer experience. It’s what craft beer lovers have been waiting for, and a chance for everyone else to discover what the buzz is all about.

Powderkeg are also taking leaps forward in the way they package their beer, so venues will serve the beer from a new generation of kegs.  Once packaged in these kegs, the beer will remain the same until it is in your glass – there is no risk of it going off, no chance of over-conditioning and no possibility of yeast or other hazes. Put great beer in a keg and you are guaranteed great beer will come out. That is why Powderkeg say the ‘keg is king’. It also means there’s a new place to look for great local beer and that’s at the fonts, in amongst the commercial lagers (like a diamond in the rough!).

Powderkeg is a family-owned business based in Devon, whose emphasis is on quality – whether that be quality of beer or quality of life.

After years of working for other breweries, owner and head brewer John Magill wanted to push the art of brewing forward while running a business that works with family life.

He also, along with wife and co-conspirator Jessica Magill, wanted a business that would reflect his maverick streak and encourage people to ‘think while they drink’.

Beer can elicit such happiness. It brings people together to cut loose, have a good time and put the world to rights. It has inspired countless artists and great thinkers, fuelled rebellions and shaped English culture.  This great tradition - of beer as a source of courage and inspiration - is a major influence on what we do. 

“In turn, we try to sow a few seeds of rebellion among our friends and customers, a gentle reminder that life is not all about working and achieving - there is beer to be drunk, pleasure to be had and dreams to follow.”   This is the Powderkeg Plot.


Our core products, available very soon in keg and bottle ...



Speak Easy – Transatlantic Pale,  4.3% ABV. A remarkable pale ale, dry-hopped to infuse big tropical fruit aromas while keeping the bitterness in check and the finish clean. A beer that stimulates the mind and loosens the tongue. In Cervisia Veritas.




Cut Loose – Happy Pils,  4.6% ABV. A classic German pilsner with a rounded malt base and noble hop character, invigorated by a touch of citric fruitiness from the New Zealand ‘Motueka’ hop. Made for livening up and feeling free.


More info and propaganda at www.powderkegbeer.co.uk

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