Pancake Day - Make It Local!
16th February 2012
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It is Pancake Day next Tuesday - or Shrove Tuesday as it is otherwise known. Will you be making pancakes? If you do, this is a great opportnuity to buy local. I am often trying to make people aware that local, free range eggs, bought from the Farmers Market or Real Food Exeter are cheaper than free range eggs in the supermarket. At just over £1 for 6 it is at least one third cheaper - and your money is staying in the local economy and you are reducing your carbon footprint - so what's not to like?

There are of course some pancake mixes in the shops. Some are just a mix of flour and skimmed milk powder- you still have to add eggs. There is one that I know of that you just add water too as it has dried eggs in it too - but it is much more fun to make your own - and you know exactly what has gone in it. And you can make up the quantity you need - whether more - or less. You can even buy local flour from the independant food shops such as Real Food or Healthy Pulses and local milk. So you could go for a completely local pancake.

Here is a recipe for 8 thin pancakes using 125g flour, 2 eggs and 225ml milk. Just adjust the quantities proportionately if you want to make more. Add savoury or sweet fillings of your choice. And don't leave it a whole year before you have pancakes again!

If you would like to buy more local food but can't make the Farmer's Market, you may be interested to know there is and order and collect scheme starting at the Hub on the Green in Cathedral Close. You can collect your vegetables and organic eggs on Friday lunchtime. For more information click here and signup to get an order form.

Meanwhile have a great time flipping your (local) pancakes!






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