National Sprinkler Week
28th January 2014
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The national campaign will be launched at the House of Commons and runs from the 3 - 9 February. The week is promoting a better understanding of the benefits of sprinklers and focus on the protection they provide, not only to lives but also to communities, property, business sustainability, the environment and the economy.

The benefits of a Fire Sprinkler far exceed the cost of installation and maintenance. They will control a fire as it starts which is better than repairing the damage after it has spread.

Do you know the cost of fire?

  • The average cost of a fire in a domestic property is estimated at £44,523
  • Commercial fires cost more that £2bn to the UKs economy every year
  • The Department for Communities and Local Government estimates the cost of a fire fatality at £1.65m.

In a Commercial fire:

  • Nine billion litres of water is needlessly wasted per year on commercial fires
  • The cost of unemployment from warehouse fires is £14.2K
  • The cost of school fires is approximately £100m per year
  • More than 60 fires occur in work places every day

The benefit of fire sprinklers to businesses

Evidence clearly shows the cost benefits of installing sprinklers in commercial and industrial premises.

  • Insurance premiums are lowered by more than 50% in warehouses when fire sprinklers are installed
  • Fitting sprinklers could cost as little as £18-25 per m2 of a building
  • It is cost-effective to install fire sprinklers in:
    • all residential care homes
    • most blocks of purpose built flats and converted flats
    • houses of multiple occupancy where there are at least six bedsit units per building
  • Installing fire sprinklers may lead to decreased litigation against housing providers in the event of a fire fatality
  • Fire sprinklers allow increased business resilience, protecting physical resources and supplier relationships.
  • Fire sprinklers allow design freedoms when included in planning for new buildings. They allow more flexibility in partitioning, fire doors, types of construction material and building space.

Download our poster which shows the positive effect sprinklers have on a commercial building. The poster shows the progress of a fire and the end result, the first with sprinklers and the second without.

For further information on fitting a commercial sprinkler system download our leaflet.

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