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6th August 2014
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What is your role in this company? I’m the Marketing Consultant and I have a relation with all the social media, to promote the clients products.  I decide in which place situated the clients advertising: wall screens in the Guildhall, banner advertising in the roads, billboards and radio advertising.

What did you do before this job? I had been working in another company for 7 years. Then I received liquidation from the company. Fortunately I met Dave (Dave Barr Ed.) who added me in the team. I've been in the group for only a year, but I'm happy to work together with young and pleasant people. Moreover, Rodney (Dave Hastings Ed.) is my dear friend.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Oh good question. I like to do a lot of things: travelling, doing BBQ in my garden with my family and friends, doing physical exercise and spending time with my two children. I like listening music and watching football matches. At the moment I’m decorating my house and as I’ve just brought it.

What is your favourite food? Roast dishes, steak, pasta, and some Greek specialties, that are well cooked by my wife (she is from Cyprus).

Could you say a word that describes yourself? I’d say “confident”.

If you won the lottery what would you do? First of all I’d like take care of my family and spend with them more time. Then I’d like have lots of propriety.

Ok, I’ve finished my questions. Thank you Mike for your time!





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