16th January 2014
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Mesothelioma is a debilitating disease often diagnosed many years after the person was exposed therefore inevitably investigating the source can sometimes prove difficult due to memories fading, documents no longer existing or even people being exposed in varying employments.  The cases are not always straight forward however rest assured Cartridges have much experience in this specialised area, understand how these cases work and the emotional distress they can cause.  


At Cartridges we offer advice on making a claim if you suffer from mesothelioma/asbestosis or have a family member who may have contracted the condition.    If we believe you have a case we can follow this through for you in a supportive and understanding manner.


Mesothelioma can be contracted in various ways normally through a person’s work but it may also be that  exposure was caused due to contact with asbestos on another person’s work clothes therefore if you are unsure about whether you have a claim why not come and see us for a friendly free initial chat to talk it over.


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