MDA Horoscopes September 2013
30th August 2013
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Aries March 21st- April 20th You may wish for some changes in your personal life but think carefully before instigating a change. By all means get your point across if needed but listening to someoneâs point of view is just as important. You can get bored very quickly with the normal humdrum routine, but sometimes normality has an upside as it brings peace, harmony and contentment. Keep settled this month and donât make any major or drastic decisions. Taurus April 21st- May 21st This month you may be called upon to help someone in difficulty within your inner circle of friends or family. Your good advice and support will benefit not only the person involved, but you will also find out something about yourself. We all need a helping hand at times, and youâll feel good if you can make a difference. All should be going smoothly on a personal level and youâll be able to get everything done that you need with ease. Gemini May 22nd- June 22nd Over the next few weeks spend some of your precious time with those you love and focus your efforts on your personal life. If any opportunities come along make sure you get all the details and know exactly what you may be getting into. A good month to check your financial situation and bank accounts and make some changes if necessary, perhaps ask for advice from those in the know, youâll be glad you did. Cancer June 23rd- July 23rd Home, family and friends are very important this month, plan some family gatherings and youâll be feeling very happy and content. Work colleagues will benefit from your sunny mood and working as a team will see you achieving your goals and targets. Being so busy and hectic suits you and everyone will want your company. While you are pleasing everyone else donât forget about yourself Cancer. Leo July 24th- August 23rd No one will be able to keep up with you this month as Mars is travelling through your sign, youâll be like a swirling dervish and nothing or no one can get in your way. Take advantage of all the energy and determination Mars brings, forge ahead with any plans and put new ideas and schemes into action. One word of caution try to keep your feet on the ground, or you may fly off into universe Leo! Virgo August 24th- Sept 23rd A great few weeks for you as Mercury your ruling planet and the Sun are moving through your sign. Any form of communication at work or in your personal life will be great and youâll be able to get your message across where needed. Business, work and career will prove to be the best area of your life to concentrate on, as all should be going really well personally. A nice surprise will be exciting and advantageous. Libra Sept 24th- Oct 23rd Itâs all happening for you this month as you have some lovely planets moving through, including your ruling planet Venus. Harmony abounds in all areas of your life especially in your love and personal life. Get out and about and donât let this wonderful astrological outlook pass you by as romance is very well starred. As the Sun enters on the 23rd bringing with it a time of relaxation, contentment and energy youâll shine out from crowd. Scorpio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd Venus moves into your sign on the 12th bringing love and harmony, put some romance into a special relationship. If you are single get out into the crowds as romantic encounters will be beneficial for your future. Variety is the spice of life and the more different and unusual people you decide to spend your time with the better. As Mercury enters at the end of the month plan some important meetings and make some travel plans. Sagittarius Nov 23rd - Dec 21st Around the 12th you may feel your energy flagging so take it easy around this date. If youâve been extremely busy nowâs a good time to take time off and recharge your batteries. You are not one to sit still for long and before you know it life will come knocking on the door and youâll feel able to rejoin the hectic schedule of everyday life. There are wonderful opportunities that youâll have to think carefully about, an exciting time coming. Capricorn Dec 22nd - Jan 20th If you believe in cosmic ordering this is the month to cast your wishes, desires and dreams out to the universe and see the response. Being a down to earth Earth sign this seems a little impractical and improbable, as your feet are always firmly on the ground. But whatever you may think thereâs no harm in being a little fanciful at times; you never know what might happen. Aquarius Jan 21st- Feb 19th This month do something completely different so look for new and interesting things to concentrate on, this in turn will bring you into contact with new people and youâll enjoy the change. Work should be going extremely well and your hard work and effort has been noticed and will be appreciated. Keep an eye on your finances and donât over spend, find ways to enjoy yourself without sending your bank balance topsy turvy. Pisces Feb 20th- March 20th After the upheaval of last month nowâs the time for life to settle down and you can get on with the important things in your life. A Full Moon on the 19th in your sign can magnify everything your thinking and feeling as well as depleting your energy levels, so take it easy and donât be rash when making choices or decisions. Enjoy a month of keeping to your normal routine and plan outings that keep you close to home, friends and family.

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