MDA Horoscopes May 2013
11th April 2013
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Aries March 21st- April 20th As Mercury moves out of your sign on the 2nd you’ll be able to look back over the past few weeks with a great deal of satisfaction. Mercury is not only the planet of great communication but also the planet of the mind, reading and writing and anything of an intellectual nature. Look back and see what area of your life that this planet has helped you with, keep hold of it and focus your mind on what you wish to achieve in the future.

Taurus April 21st- May 21st This is a wonderful astrological time for you with Venus, Mars and Mercury travelling through don’t miss out by being too cautious about a situation in your life. Venus brings love and harmony, Mercury brings wonderful communication skills and travel and Mars brings energy and determination. A New Moon in Taurus and a Solar eclipse this is a new beginning for you either at home or work, this month you’ll achieve everything you need and wish for.

Gemini May 22nd- June 22nd Take it easy at the beginning of the month as you have an extremely busy time ahead so conserving your energy levels is important. If you are feeling restless for change you need to try something new and get out and about. The Sun enters on the 21st and stays for a month bringing you more energy and power; this planet will also re-affirm your identity and give a huge boost to your self esteem and confidence.

Cancer June 23rd- July 23rd A strange month of starts and stops, you may feel you are making inroads forwards and then have to take a couple of steps backwards. Don’t get frustrated but take every situation in your stride, if you believe in divine timing this would be a good month to sit back and wait for this to work rather than try and push yourself forward too much. You have a great astrological time coming next month just be patient and wait.

Virgo August 24th- Sept 23rd A wonderful month for your career prospects, you’ll be feeling full of energy to get ahead so put yourself forward to take the lead in any new projects and ideas. You are the perfectionist and your attention to detail is second to none, use this great attribute and you’ll shine out from others who you are working with. Any new contacts you meet will prove to be invaluable to your working life and achieving success.

Libra Sept 24th- Oct 23rd Look for ways to broaden your horizons, anything of a cultural nature will be great for you. Venus your ruling planet has some good aspects this month especially with Mercury the planet of communication, you’ll be able to get your message across to someone you have strong feelings for. Plan some trips out and a romantic evening will be interesting and enhance a personal relationship and your love life.

Scorpio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd Saturn travelling through your sign is retrograde allowing you much more freedom to make your own choices and decisions, you’ll start to feel you are in control again of your own destiny. Think carefully about what area of your life you’d like to make some changes and you can start to make some plans to bring this about. You are a deep thinker and always cautious, use this when making any changes and look forward to an exciting new beginning.

Sagittarius Nov 23rd - Dec 21st An extremely busy and social time for you and you’ll be feeling on top form, take advantage of this time and don’t miss out. Plan to spend time with friends and family and at work you’ll be very popular, this makes it easy for you to get all that needs to be done and being part of a team brings success. On the 25th there is a Lunar eclipse in your sign - as one door shuts another opens and this will prove very interesting and exciting

Capricorn Dec 22nd - Jan 20th Pluto retrograde allows your life to settle into the nice easy schedule and routine that you like. This would not be a good time to make any changes but give yourself a period of taking it easy and consolidate what you have achieved over the past few weeks. Life will come knocking on the door again and you don’t have to go out searching for it Capricorn. Re-charge and relax this month those are your key words.

Aquarius Jan 21st- Feb 19th A month of social activity, friends, romance and family should be high on your agenda. Everyone will want your company and you’ll be the life and soul of any social gatherings. Enjoy being in the spotlight and new contacts will be a source of enlightenment, look for new hobbies and interests. Try not to burn the candle at both ends or by the end of the month you could run out of steam, meanwhile enjoy a happy go lucky period

Pisces Feb 20th- March 20th Being a Water sign the Lunar eclipse on the 25th will affect you by making you over sensitive and magnifying all of your feelings. Try to keep your own counsel and don’t make too many quick decisions until next month. Think of ways to use your creativity this month and plan some leisure time that brings you into contact with like minded people. Work should be going well and you’ll be in a good easy routine, this makes you feel very pleased and satisfied.

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