Latest update following city centre fire
8th November 2016
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Andrew Brownsword Hotels continues to liaise with Exeter City Council and local businesses, as we work together in the aftermath of the fire.

Our project management team on site is working as fast as possible as we assess the works required, and to establish the most effective way of ensuring the safety and security of The Royal Clarence site.

While a plan of works can never be definitive, and especially with the site remaining unstable and works likely to vary more quickly or slowly than anticipated, we are doing our utmost to be able to share a working document detailing this plan by Friday, 11 November. This will include an indication of the length of time any cordon will need to remain in place, to what extent that cordon will need to be, and aims to give our closest neighbours a timescale on access they can expect.

Our site safety cordon will be retracted today from 0900hrs. We are awaiting confirmation of the official plan but can advise that the following will have full access to their properties from 0900hrs:

• Sketchers
• Polka Dot
• Orvis
• Elizabeth Anne Shoes
• Purity Spa

The council as a result of our safety cordon compression can also fully reinstate the high street and bus route from 09.00.

We are also doing our best to ensure access for other affected businesses to their properties. To enable access, it is necessary to shut down the crane working on the site, and so to provide regular access but also keep works moving forward, we have set three access time slots per day Monday to Saturday, which we have communicated to all affected businesses, and all day on Sunday. All businesses requiring access to the site should email or call 01392 265134 with their name and the business they wish to enter, including details of how long they require access and an overview of what they need to do in the property.

Requests to access should be received at least 24 hrs before access is required, in order that we can confirm requests and resource individuals to supervise each visit, as each visit must be accompanied by our project management team.
We would like to again thank our neighbours and the Council for their support and understanding during this difficult time, and reassure everyone that we are working as responsibly and as fast as we can. All our actions are taken in the best interest of safety, and we will do all we can to communicate any updates as soon as we know them.




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