Is Direct Mail Dead? @Peninsular_Ron of Peninsular OneSource asks
18th June 2012
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thebestof Exeter member, Ronnie Halden of Peninsular OneSource writes: With so many businesses adopting email marketing as a major part of their B2B marketing strategy should we all forget about traditional direct mail?

You don’t need a long memory to recall when most of your daily post delivery was made up of mailings for everything from photocopiers to insurance. But how many physical pieces of direct mail have you received recently? We have noticed that we certainly don’t seem to receive anything like the amount that became the norm in the past.

How do you react when someone does actually send something by post? Is it still straight to the bin or does it feel rather unusual and perhaps even a bit special that someone has actually bothered to send you something physical.

The fortunes for direct mail however, seem to be changing - From the feedback we get from our clients, receiving something by post does seem to be perceived as having a higher value. I think people would agree that having something physical to hold and view is preferable to an image on a screen and can be used to great effect in generating a positive view of your brand or company. The design team at Peninsular is constantly coming up with innovative creative solutions to ensure a mail shot has impact.

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