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30th May 2019
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Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Michelle Havill the founder of the award winning Organic Egyptian Cotton baby clothing Babiroo.

I have recently become an Award Winning Company by winning the small business category in The Venus Awards for Devon and Cornwall 2019.

I would like to take this opportunity to “officially” welcome you to our world at Babiroo.


Three years ago my grandson was born and had really bad skin, This made me ask what is going on, there are so many babies and children with these skin conditions so I decided to do my research.

My findings horrified me it was not just our babies skin we needed to be concerned about. 

Babies have immune systems that are not fully developed, making them more susceptible to infections and illnesses.

Clothing them in apparel that is composed of chemicals compromises their overall health so my mission was to create a beautiful organic baby range of baby clothes that was safe for our baby and planet.

Now I had this knowledge what was I supposed to do. I could not just ignore it, so my journey began.


I had no experience in design, manufacturing or retail. I could not even sew on a button. What I lacked in experience I made up for in passion, enthusiasm and determination to make a positive difference to our babies and precious planet 

Babiroo’s values were very clear we had to be a brand that supported the global awareness for all things green and ethical. This was our passion and we will continue to use materials that are in greater harmony with the Earth.

So I created a premium baby clothing range using our Organic Egyptian cotton is grown on a bio dynamic farm without the use of pesticides or insecticides.


As a company, we do not use any chemical finishes on our fabrics, only natural starches.

We whiten our fabric using an oxygen-based whitening process. Our dyes are made with metal-free colours, containing no harmful chemicals such as AZO agents.

This translates into softer, cleaner clothing that is not harmful to our babies. 

Everything we do at Babiroo is informed by our ethical policy -  to make the least possible adverse impact on our planet whilst creating Beautiful Safe Toxin Free Baby Premium Essential clothing  

Babiroo’s ethical journey begins with the soil and ends with the cloth! 

Babiroo’s mission was to find a manufacturer who took care of their farmers and workers. 

Many cotton pickers from developing countries suffer from illnesses directly related to the chemicals they are exposed to. Health conditions such as respiratory issues, skin irritations and eye infections are very common. 

After years of  trying to find a manufacturer whose ethos mirrored mine I finally found the most amazing company, a bio dynamic farm in Egypt. 

A sustainable development towards a future where every human being can unfold his or her individual potential; where mankind is living together in social forms reflecting human dignity; and where all economic activity is conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.




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