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14th November 2011
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There are certain food products that in the past I had never thought of attemting to make - but in recent months that has changed. And it has been something of a revelation to me to discover how easy it is to produce really tasty home made produce. Of course our Grandmothers knew all this, but somehow, many of us have lost that skill and knowledge

Not only are many things east omake, but they are worth every bit of effort because they just taste so good! And it is almost always cheaper  than its mass produced, shop bought equivalent.

Recent homemade successes have been Apple Chutney, Lemon Curd, Salad Dressing and Hummus. They are all so spectacularly easy to make that I doubt I will ever buy any of those items from a shop again.

It was however, with some trepidation that I looked into making mincemeat for mince pies - only to discover that its just a matter of putting some ingredients together in a bowl - and stirring - adding brandy - or your own favourite tipple - as you go! Who would have thought it! Well I am sure there are many people out there who do know that mimcemeat is easy to make - and from those people - well it would be great if you would pass on some tips and hints!

The trouble with Christmas cookery is that it takes a few years to build up some practice and experience, so it is always brilliant when people share their expertise. Last week a friend from Twitter passed on a recipe for Christmas muffins - these are wonderful and I thoroughly recommend that you try these for yourself. And these are cakes that just can't be bought!

My project this week is to make a stollen cake. I have a recipe geneously given to me from a bakers in Sheffield. I suspect it may have a bit more to it than some of the other things I have found so easy to make - but I have no doubt it will be worthwhile. I will let you know how I get on!

Just to say - whatever you are thinking of buying - do have a check to see if it can be made at home and weigh up the cost and time.  If youwould like some help and advice - do get in touch and I will try to help out.

There is of course one extra, serious but hidden advantage of making something at home that I haven't mentioned yet. It is the huge element of joy and satisfaction as you handle the ingredients and experience their textures and smells. It's the fun of being a bit creative (it's always good to do your own thing with a recipe and not follow it exactly to the letter) and of producing something that others will love and appreciate.

Happy Cooking!





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